Pre-School Child Care in Oklahoma City, OK

At Faith Early Learning Child Development Center, we equip kids with the knowledge, skills, and critical inquiry they need to thrive in their education and future. We provide pre-school child care in Oklahoma City, OK and enable students to take control of their learning. Students engage in an exploratory, personalized learning approach that adheres to their individual learning styles and preferences.
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Nurturing Children's Love of Knowledge

Brightening the Spirit of Pre-School Kids

The pre-school age (typically three to five years old) is a particularly exciting learning period for children. They are getting more mature and assured in who they are, but they still have a twinkle in their eye and love fun and games. They are learning how to read, write, solve math problems, and think critically with an exuberance that only a child can exude. Our teachers present more complex yet age-appropriate concepts to pre-school kids, and they make the information and knowledge easily digestible and fun for children to learn. Your child will build upon their learning and education and have a blast doing so!
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Personalized Learning Approaches

Our approaches to educating are as unique as your child. Every child absorbs and uses knowledge differently, which is why we tailor our learning approaches to each individual student we serve. We'll give your child the confidence and know-how to solve problems and maximize their learning.

Social Studies

Social studies are crucial to self-discovery. Your child will explore how they are similar and different from their peers, family, and fellow citizens. This will enable them to recognize their unique potential and help them navigate and improve the society around them.

Science and Technology

If your child is naturally curious about the world around them, they’ll make a terrific scientist! Science and engineering education are key to our curriculum. Your child will engage in scientific inquiry using analysis, documentation, and theory.

Movement and Exercise

We create a safe, fun, and enthusiastic space for students to practice their movement, balance, and motor skills. Our playground is specifically designed to cater to various age groups, allowing ample time for sliding, climbing, and running.

Language Arts

Our language arts studies fulfill two goals: helping students become proficient and fluent in reading and writing and nurturing a strong love and passion for the written word. We’ll ensure that your child thrives in their writing skills and literacy.


Our math programs teach students to solve problems, identify patterns, and build logic and reasoning skills. We introduce pre-school children to numbers, measurements, and age-appropriate math problems to prepare them for the future.

Art and Creativity

We love inspiring creativity and imagination within our students. Our arts and creativity programs introduce children to early, pre-modern, and contemporary artists. Your child will practice artist techniques and methods to create stunning works of art. Sand is also an important part in children's everyday learning. It allows each child to use their hands as a sensory motor skill and helps cognitive development through creativity and imagination.

Social Learning

Our social and emotional education paves the way for children to gain crucial skills for managing behavior and building interpersonal relationships. Learning about independence, etiquette, and self awareness will enhance their lives and interactions. It will make your child happier, emotionally healthier, and confident.

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