Infant Program

Expose your baby to the wonderful world of learning by choosing Faith Early Learning Child Development Center. We provide infant child care and education in Oklahoma City, OK to inspire a love and passion for learning early. We’ll engage your infant’s senses and teach them age-appropriate, foundational concepts they'll carry throughout their lives.
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Equipping Children for Their Future

Laying the Foundation for Student Success

Infants can be avid learners. Their learning is often sensory, using sight, hearing, smell, taste, and touch to analyze and get to know the big world around them. Getting your baby learning early is essential because it lays the groundwork for the rest of their lives and allows them a head start on their educational skills, strategies, and styles. By enrolling your baby in our education and child care programs, they can explore their curiosity, thinking, feeling, and imagination. You'll be amazed at the progress and development your child will achieve. We're prepared to get your baby's learning off on an outstanding note.
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Personalized Learning Strategies

Your child's individuality forms our core teaching approach. Our curriculum is designed around your child's specific requirements, passions, and learning styles. We tailor our teaching methods to meet the distinct needs of every child, ensuring a personalized and effective learning experience.

Social Studies

With our social studies education programs, your child will get a better understanding of the world and society around them. They will learn how to engage, interact, and work with their peers, friends, and families to create a better world.

Science Education

Our science and engineering programs will immerse your child in the world of analytical thought, documentation, and theoretical reasoning. Your child will learn to comprehend and appreciate the always-changing scientific discipline.

Physical Education

Our play areas are designed to accommodate various age groups. They offer numerous opportunities for energetic activities like climbing, running, and sliding. Children can discover and enhance their motor skills, balance, and movement.

Literacy Development

Offering sign language, storytelling, and reading and writing instruction, we guide your child towards phonics and the delight of independent literature and critical thinking. We’ll cultivate your child’s proficiency and passion for reading and writing.

Early Math Skills

Your child will be introduced to the world of numbers, measurements, and age-appropriate math problems. This forms a solid base for their future learning, and we strive to instill a lifelong passion for numbers and problem-solving.

Creative Arts Expression

Our arts and creativity programs open up a vibrant world of artistry for children. As they delve into myriad artistic techniques and methods, they will get opportunities to create their own works of art and indulge their passion.

Emotional Growth

Our programs in social and emotional learning prioritize the growth of character and life skills. This approach empowers young learners to enhance their lives and relationships by mastering essential behavior management and interpersonal skills.

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