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Toddler Program

At Faith Early Learning Child Development Center, we’ll tailor your child’s learning to their stage of development. We provide education and child care for toddlers in Oklahoma City, OK that motivates and inspires children. Our curriculum is diverse and all-encompassing, allowing children to explore their passions and thinking in a fun and accommodating way.
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Engaging Learning for Your Toddler

Fostering Your Toddler’s Growth and Development

When your child is in the toddler age range, you can expect them to undergo rapid development. As their mind and body grow, they will begin to absorb knowledge and sensations very quickly. Toddlers move constantly, and their play can be used as a valuable tool for engaging them in learning and development. Our center focuses on growing toddler-age children's mental, physical, emotional, social, and cognitive skills. From reading, writing, math, science, and beyond, we'll ensure that our learning approach suits your toddler and their unique needs. Our education will keep up with your child during this period of fast growth.
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Customized Teaching Methods

We believe every child is unique, and so should their educational journey. Your child’s specific needs, wants, and learning style will inform how we teach them. We tailor our methodologies to meet the specific needs of each child.

Social Studies

Our social studies programs allow children to learn about the similarities they share with their peers and their differences. It offers insights into how they, as unique individuals, can make a difference in the world and improve their relationships with friends and family.

Scientific Inquiry

In our science and engineering programs, your child will engage in analytical thinking, documentation, and theoretical reasoning. They’ll be prepared to understand a constantly changing world and enjoy the scientific discipline.

Physical Education

Our play areas are thoughtfully tailored to accommodate different age groups, providing plenty of opportunities for dynamic activities such as climbing, running, and sliding. Children can freely explore and improve their motor skills, balance, and movement.

Reading and Writing

The early years of childhood are crucial for developing strong literacy skills. We teach sign language, storytelling, and reading and writing for learners. We'll introduce your child to phonics and guide them toward the joy of independent reading and writing.


Your toddler will encounter their first brush with numbers, measurements, and math problems tailored to their age, paving a solid foundation for future learning. We aim to inspire your child's life-long love of numbers and problem-solving.

The Arts

Through our arts and creativity programs, children are introduced to the world of art, from classic to contemporary. As they explore various artistic techniques and methods, your child will have the opportunity to produce their own beautiful masterpieces.

Emotional Learning

Our social and emotional learning programs provide character-building and practical life skills. This approach enables young learners to acquire essential skills for behavior management and interpersonal relationships to improve their lives and relationships.

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